There is an old saying that you should judge a man by his enemies. If that is the case, then Richard Spencer definitely went up a few notches when he was attacked by a scummy antifa. But just how scummy this antifa was no one expected until a brave pursuit by HAarlem VEnison, a YouTube vlogger and peripheral Alt-Right figure who is believed to be Jewish. 

VEnison was on hand when Spencer was sucker punched and immediately responded by pursuing and confronting the attacker, in the process filming a large part of his face, enough for other people to identify his as a "client" of porn-prostitute and SM madame Mandy Flores

Pictures recovered from that site (see above) reveal that Spencer's attacker likes to be chained like a dog and used as an actual human toilet, eating actual shit, a practice that can lead to all kinds of extreme medical conditions.

It seems this is the kind of people who most oppose the Alt-Right. No need to ask why.

One surprising footnote to the incident is that Spencer's old enemy and rival "Alt-Right leader," Greg Johnson, was spurred into tweeting a sympathetic message of support. 

Does this mean that there will now be a thawing in relations between Johnson and Spencer? We certainly hope so. But it may simply be spurred by the complex game being played by both Johnson and Spencer to assert leadership over the currently demoralized TRS faction.
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